The Patient Organization by Walt Brown

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Discoveries from 180+ Implementations.  In this book, you will learn the 7 Question – 7 Promise Culture and Engagement Framework™ and how you use it to flip the script and present EOS® as something you are doing “for” your people, not “to” them. This will allow you to cultivate buy-in and measurable Employee Engagement. It is how you maintain perpetual momentum by adding Cultural and Structural clarity and consistency to the OOS (Organizational Operating System) you already have, i.e. EOS®. Same EOS® tools, just a new mindset. Why does EOS® work? Why does Traction® work? Why does Scaling Up work?  By extension, why do these Organizational Operating Systems not work? What makes them fail to deliver consistent results from company to company?  Why is one company’s installation incredible when another just feels mechanical and dead? There is one reason, and it lies in how you relate and roll out your OOS to your people. You have ONE chance to explain why you are installing EOS®, your success all comes down to their buy-in. Do they see your EOS® installation as something you are doing “for” them or “to” them? The deck is already stacked against you, most employees will see anything new as something you are doing “to” them, not “for” them.  You have one chance to get it right. If your message is not clear and full of belief and passion, then you are destined to be average. Use the 7Q7P Framework™ to succeed as those before you have, especially those with millennials in their workforce.

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14 reviews for The Patient Organization by Walt Brown

  1. Mercer Stanfield

    Becoming a Patient Organization is critical to success for any company looking to thrive. It changed the way we think, act and is a major catalyst in our company.

  2. David Hatter

    Via the 7Qs, a great OOS, hard work and Walt’s help, we have trans- formed our company. Combined with an effective teaching style, deep- seated personal values and leadership training content anchored in the 7Qs, he has helped us convert our leadership team from a group of likable, talented people into a well-armed, well-trained, highly-synchronized group that generates consistent results through an OOS that works. Having an organizational operating system (OOS) has clarified our mission and our operating principles. It has also given our leaders the tools they need to set priorities, objectively measure team members, keep a pulse on elements of the business they cannot see every day, develop effective business strategies and communicate well within and outside their teams. Everything we did is echoed in this book. Patience works.

  3. Kerrie Lang

    I was twenty-eight when Walt helped transform my career—and ultimately my life—as we worked together to discover the Seven Questions. His coaching approach through the Seven Questions, his mastery of how those questions tie to Organizational Operating Systems, and his knowledge of how humans work is unmatched. Walt believed in me and gave me the tools to believe even when I may not have believed in myself. I discovered fearlessness, bravery, and Patience on this journey with Walt, and am truly grateful for his friendship.

  4. Jonathan B. Smith

    I LOVED the The Patient Organization. It is succinct, laden with insight, and readily applicable. Every entrepreneur should take the Seven Question Survey, it will be transformative for you and your company.

  5. Dr. Austin Cohen

    Walt presented the 7Qs to our group on our first retreat and completely transformed our culture with this process. As a founder, I want everyone to have the same passion I have about my business, and with Walt’s 7Qs and getting to yes, I am now able to develop my staff and have them see their careers within this business while becoming extremely passionate, engaged, and Patient.

  6. Brian Ludviksen

    What I like best about this book is that it’s full of what I call ‘Waltisms’. I rely heavily not only on EOS but on the lessons peppered in the EOS coaching from you. I recite them often as ‘Waltisms,’ nuggets of wisdom or thought provoking questions that help drive an organization’s implementation of an OOS. The Patient Organization compliments EOS well because it helps further define the connection a leader and a company has with the most important (in my opinion) key function of EOS: People. Let’s be honest, the EOS tool for the quarterly conversation is conceptual, but this makes it very tangible.The concept of EATT (evolve, adapt, trust, try) is also really important. It’s much more concise than Five Dysfunctions and logically connects trust to actions. It’s a powerful reminder of the value and necessity of trust. Lastly, and man this one kinda’ blew my mind—I really like the idea that a company is essentially a fiction, given power by people believing in it. I love it.

  7. Austin Koon

    Walt has an incredible ability to connect with his clients in a very simple and authentic manner to get things done. I had run a company for over ten years before first working with Walt, and I wish we had met earlier. In The Patient Organization, he has done it again—he’s put into words and action the ‘lessons learned.’ Every organization should be making sure that their people have clear answers to the Seven Questions. This is a book that will produce value when read over and over again. Thanks Walt.

  8. Alex Freytag

    A fantastic read with philosophical, common sense advice and practical approaches—with tools to inject a high level of employee engagement and a true competitive advantage in your company.

  9. Jill Young

    Such a deep discovery, these Seven Questions. And I really am impressed with Walt’s use of the word Patient … it’s almost the manifestation of self- actualization. Really describes why EOS works.

  10. Sue Hawkes

    Great insights, wisdom and a lot to learn packed in the copy. It was a bit long for my impatient attention span, but it was chewy and made me think. If you get the Seven Questions, you will get the message. Simple. Walt is a wise man with great insight.

  11. Tom Bouwer

    Incredibly insightful and a critical read for anyone wanting to, or struggling with, engaging their employees. The best short book on this topic since The Great Game of Business and Ownership Thinking.

  12. James Cummings (verified owner)

    It is impossible to quantify how valuable Walt Brown and his teachings have been to McGreat LLC (dba Great Clips Franchisee) and its owners. There are, of course, the numbers. Since implementing our Organizational Operating System (OOS), EOS, McGreat and its affiliates have expanded our holdings from sixteen to forty-seven Great Clips stores, increased revenues by millions of dollars and even gotten into another franchised concept. Those numbers are easy to recite, but they only tell half the story. The rest of the story is more difficult to quantify because it involves taking the time to understand the value you place on your own emotional health as a business owner—what value would you place on feeling like your business was focused on the right problems, hiring the right people and growing in the right direction? How much would it be worth to you to feel like your business is operating under a set of timeless and repeatable principles that develop your leaders and allow you the freedom and flexibility to enjoy your life on your terms? Quantify the value of those feelings and then, and only then, will you have your answer as to what Walt, the Seven Questions and EOS have meant to McGreat.

  13. Greg Walker

    This is an exciting and much needed contribution from the trenches. Brown has simplified and condensed decades of his pioneering work building Patient Organizations to Seven Questions your team members will answer. This dynamic approach can eliminate dysfunction while achieving significant organizational loyalty and improvement. The results speak for themselves. Ya gotta’ read this book!

  14. Chuck Doherty (verified owner)

    If you don’t have time to read 30 books on management, figure out the dysfunction you created and want to run your business with the integrity you seek then Walt has done that for you. If you have a little trust and you’re not a self-absorbed melomaniac then buy this book for your organization.

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