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Access hours of videos complied into over 50 lessons and several diagnostic assessments to learn our frameworks for cultural and structural clarity and consistency. This is built from the curriculum that is taught in our live stream and in-person workshops available for you to learn at your convenience. The one-time subscription payment grants access to 100 user accounts for your organization and access to the content forever including any updates made in the future. In addition, when you purchase a Virtual Learning Subscription for your organization any attendee to one of our live stream or in-person workshops will receive a 50% discount.


  • One-Time Payment
  • 100 Team Member Accounts
  • 50+ Video Lessons
  • 60+ Worksheets
  • 10+ Diagnostic Assessments
  • Perpetual Access
  • All Future Content

Included With Your Subscription

  • 50% Discount For Workshop Attendees ($1,500 per attendee value)
  • One Full-Day Private Facilitation with your team ($5,750 value)


Your organization is a fiction only given power, meaning and purpose by those who buy in. If 30 people believe this and 60 people believe that, you are running two companies. You have been divided and are on your way to being conquered. Buy in allows you to create one singular organization.

So how do you achieve buy in? You need clarity and consistency in three areas.

  1. Operational
  2. Cultural
  3. Structural

It all starts with Operational clarity and consistency by installing an Organizational Operating System like EOS®, Scaling Up, The Advantage, Holacracy, etc. If you have already taken that step you are in the right place, please read on.

Operational clarity is like riding a unicycle. It is the big front wheel of Operational, Cultural, and Structural clarity and consistency. As a leader of the organization, you hop on the unicycle (Operational clarity) and start riding… but it is hard, you don’t really know how to ride it, not sure where you are going to end up, and you are scared that you will never be able to stop pedaling. You are probably the only person that knows how to ride and attempt to build any momentum.

Operational Unicycle

What if you could attach two back wheels to that unicycle? Then you would have a tricycle, the type of bike that everyone learns to ride on, anyone could sit down to help you pedal, and as a result you could create a momentum machine that is always moving forward.

Clarity and Consistency Momentum Machine

You will complete the following courses to build your momentum machine:


Course #1: Cultural Clarity and Consistency [7 Question – 7 Promise Framework™]

The 7 Question – 7 Promise Framework™ is an everyday practical approach to cultivate buy-in, increase engagement, and maintain perpetual momentum using the Organizational Operating System (OOS) you have already chosen. Same OOS tools, just a new mindset you can use to measure Cultural clarity and consistency.

Course Curriculum


  • Cultural Clarity and Consistency Objectives and Agenda (3:04)

One Single Organization

  • Fiction (1:17)
  • What is Buy In (2:38)
  • Flipping The Script – The 4 “A’s” (2:00)
  • Leadership is For Them, Not To Them (1:25)
  • The Individual and Organization Must Say YES to 7 Questions (3:49)
  • An Introduction to the 7 Question – 7 Promise Framework Tools (2:39)


  • Getting Our Heads Around Engagement and Culture (4:56)
  • The Opportunity / Danger Gap (3:11)
  • WIIFM – Understanding Your Potential ROI (6:11)
  • Patience. What it is, what it is not. (4:54)

Fear Model

  • Patience – The Absence of Fear (2:20)
  • System 1 and System 2 Thinking (3:06)
  • SCARF Model (4:53)
  • Create React Ladder Model (1:44)
  • Human Fear All Together Now (1:33)
  • Reality Check – Plot Your People (4:17)


  • Paint The Belong Picture For Them (5:13)
  • Deep Dive On Core Values (5:40)
  • Diagnosing Belong


  • Paint The Believe Picture For Them (6:08)
  • Diagnosing Believe


  • Paint The Accountable Picture For Them (6:00)
  • Diagnosing Accountable


  • Paint The Measured Picture For Them (2:58)
  • Diagnosing Measured


  • Paint The Heard Picture For Them (3:23)
  • Diagnosing Heard


  • Paint The Developed Picture For Them (2:55)
  • Diagnosing Developed


  • Paint The Balanced Picture For Them (3:23)
  • Diagnosing Balanced


  • Organizational and Individual Effort For All Seven Questions (4:25)
  • The 7Q7P Culture and Engagement Survey™ (4:33)
  • The Seasonal Conversation (2:39)
  • Get Ready To Make The Promise – Write Your Script (2:26)
  • Map your EOS® Tools to the 7 Question – 7 Promise Framework™ (3:29)


Structural Back Wheel


Course #2: Structural Clarity and Consistency [Organization Cognizance™]

“I understand and embrace what I am Accountable for?” This is the hinge question in every organization. Organizational Cognizance™ empowers every individual contributor in your company to be able to understand and embrace a 14 Point Checklist about their job and then visualize the 14 Points through an interactive software they can see and understand. This creates measurable Structural clarity and consistency.

Course Curriculum

  • Structural Clarity and Consistency Objectives and Agenda
Organization Cognizance™
  • History and The Word Cognizance (3:06)
  • Two Consistency and Clarity Perspectives (2:50)
  • The 14 Point Checklist (4:45)
  • Two Levels of Cognizance – The Dome Shaped Tables (1:54)
  • Accountability, Responsibility, Domain, and Teamwork Diagram (1:34)
  • Accountable vs Responsible (1:50)
  • Why The Word Position? (3:47)
  • Jobs, Positions, and Purpose Statements (2:43)
  • Visualizing The 14 Point Checklist (3:26)
Cracking Eggs, Pulling Teeth, Making Omelets Facilitation Method
  • Cracking Eggs (5:03)
  • Pulling Teeth (6:57)
  • Making Omelets (4:25)
Flower Power Facilitation Method
  • How To Inventory Your Doing Positions With The Flower Power Method (5:37)
  • Flower Power Q&A (6:13)
Positions to 14 Point Checklist Matrix Facilitation Method
  • Positions to 14 Point Checklist Matrix Facilitation (3:54)
  • Visualizing Your 14 Point Checklist Matrix Work With Software (3:53)


Our Virtual Learning Subscription allows you to turn you unicycle into a tricycle as we walk you through how to achieve Cultural clarity and consistency and then Structural clarity and consistency. Organizations that have already implemented an Organizational Operating System can add the two back wheels of the tricycle and create a momentum machine.

Please Note: If you are just getting started and need Operational clarity and consistency with an Organizational Operating System this subscription is not the best place to start, but don’t worry we can help with that too!)


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