Virtual Livestream Workshop August 24-25, 2020


Our Virtual Livestream Workshop is not a B.S. “Well that was interesting, now what?” workshop. It’s a simple mindset, understanding, and methodology you and your people will use day-after-day and week-after-week to finish your work of creating a champion. Imagine an entire company where execution is off the charts, your team is filled with guts, and your momentum is a force to be reckoned with. You can stay stuck, fighting and dragging a business that is one step away from being divided. Or, you can do something about it. Register for the workshop and learn the tools to finish creating the dream you always wanted. One full of more time, more money, and less stress.

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Monday – Cultural Clarity and Consistency – 7 Question – 7 Promise Framework™

One Single Organization

If 30% of your people believe one thing and 70% of your people believe another thing then you have been divided on your way to being conquered. You are running two organizations. 

This is a super common problem directly addressed with the 7Q7P Framework. If you have installed tools from EOS, Rockefeller Habits, Scaling Up, 4DX, Holacracy, etc. the 7Q7P Framework becomes your syllabus for training and on-boarding around your OOS tools, the “why” your employees will buy-in to. When they see the OOS tools are designed to help them get to and maintain Yes – when they see the tools as something being done For Them v. To Them they will buy-in and drive the effort. One of the things you will leave prepared to do is to confidently show this overlap and teach and coach to it, onboard and train to it. Understand that leading is making a promise a promise about the future that others can see themselves in and when you are leading.


Patience does not mean slowness. It often requires slowing down in order to focus, reflect, and prioritize, but the Patient Organization has a methodology that actually allows for smarter responses faster. Patience has nothing to do with foot-dragging, procrastination, or putting off important decisions. Patience means having a system and a set of decision matrices in place to make it easier to strike when the time is right, at lightning speed if necessary.

Patience does not mean putting up with jerks. No business owner starts out dreaming of surrounding himself with jerks, but they have a way of creeping into organizations over time. Jerks force leaders to spend hours keeping people happy. Jerks rob organizations of time, energy, and Patience. Ultimately, they manifest as what I refer to as “organizational terrorists,” holding teammates hostage and destroying the culture owners once dreamed of. Jerks do not share the business’s core values and must go. Tolerating jerks is charity and insanity, not Patience.

Patience does not mean avoidance. Patience does not look for ways to go around things, it goes through them. Again, having a Patient system in place allows leaders to make the tough calls rather than avoiding them, to trek down a difficult path rather than take a shortcut to avoid pain.

Patience is not passivity. Patience is extremely active. It is about doing, but the doing is always accompanied by thinking. Often it is downright aggressive as it confronts a problem or seizes an opportunity. Indecision is at the opposite end of the spectrum from Patience. Inaction within a system is not Patience. Patience comes from rising above the system to actively improve it.

Fear Model

Tune in to your favorite radio station WIIFM (What’s In It For Me). We want to paint a clear picture for you that shows exactly how the 7Q7P Framework adds perpetual and permanent momentum to your OOS and company, and we want to tie this to financial results you will enjoy.

We want to lay down a quick base-line in the psychology of tribes that we directly address through the framework – it is the foundation that one needs to understand when committing to this approach.


Objective: What Belong Means by understanding your part of the deal, the “Heavy Lifts”

  1. Deep dive on core values.
  2. Diagnose how far you are from attaining “Yes”.


Objective: What Believe Means by understanding your part of the deal, the “Heavy Lifts”

  1. Deep dive on strategic thinking model.
  2. Diagnose how far you are from attaining “Yes”.


Objective: We really have to put our thinking caps on, we go from fluffy, touchy-feely stuff, to hard hats and picks. We refer to this third question as the hinge question, the hinge that connects the organization’s vision, mission, and values with the work employees will actually participate in to achieve the vision.

Our goal here is to help you get your head around the fact that your grandfather’s Org Chart or multi-level direct report chart will not cut it anymore. This is the Introduction to the Organizational Cognizance Model that we employ for our heavy lift.


Objective: What Measured Means by understanding your part of the deal, the “Heavy Lifts”

  1. Deep dive on objectives and key results.
  2. Diagnose how far you are from attaining “Yes”.


Objective: What Heard Means by understanding your part of the deal, the “Heavy Lifts”

  1. Deep dive on your radio dials and hearing channels.
  2. Diagnose how far you are from attaining “Yes”.


Objective: What Developed Means by understanding your part of the deal, the “Heavy Lifts”

  1. Deep dive into on the job and formal training.
  2. Diagnose how far you are from attaining “Yes”.


Objective: What Balanced Means by understanding your part of the deal, the “Heavy Lifts”

  1. Deep dive on the three types of balance.
  2. Diagnose how far you are from attaining “Yes”.


We want you to understand the simple way you measure your momentum. We must “inspect what we expect” and the way we do that is by using a simple survey, seasonal conversation, and a promise to the organization that helps us establish a baseline and creates a talking script. If people can see that we have a way to address what we survey, what we measure they will be more apt to buy-in.

This will be very interactive, high participation from all, you will take the survey and share with your peers

We want you to enjoy what we call a Perpetual Roll Out of your OOS. One of the big issues with OOS implementations is that there is a ton of focus and training upfront as the OOS gets implemented. The problem is people turn-over inside companies, they come and go, this creates cycles of momentum loss, loss of memory. While the folks at the top do not rotate that often, the front-line folks change more often and we need a way to bring them up to bring them on board and keep them up to speed.

You will understand and feel the power of making and keeping 7 Fundamental Promises with your organization. Imagine having the guts to stand in front of your company and say the following:

Everyone; I am making a promise to you and to myself. I am promising to surround you with people who share our core values, who believe in what we are doing, who understand and embrace how they fit in and are accountable to you and everyone else, who get what our objectives are, actively share their thoughts, always have an attitude of growth and are free of drama because they are balanced. This is the kind of organization I always dreamed of and the one, with your help, I intend to build and protect.

Being able to actually make the promises verbally. Practice makes perfect and we want you to get familiar with verbalizing them, making them second nature.

Tuesday – Structural Clarity and Consistency – Organizational Cognizance Model™


The Organizational Cognizance Model™

We started with the hinge question I am Accountable. Now we dive real deep into the model that brings structural clarity and consistency.

  • What Accountable Means thru the lens of the OCM model
  • Understanding your and your company’s part of the deal, your “Heavy Lifts” (Much of day two is teaching facilitations you will use in your organization to get to the critical answers the OCM demands).
  • Take an inventory of your OOS tools, group discussion of what other tools folks are using, strategize around how you can use what you already have to achieve the clarity offered via the OCM approach.

We want your people to be able to say:

  • I understand and embrace the Purpose of my Job and Positions
  • I know who I Report To
  • Who I turn to for Mentoring
  • Who I turn to for Coaching from each of my Positions
  • I know my long term Objectives and short term Key Results
  • I know what Teams I am part of and what Meetings I attend and why
  • I know the Workflows I participate in and the Processes I follow and maintain
  • I know why I login to certain Systems
  • I know who I interface with internally and externally
  • I know exactly what Skills I need to fill my Jobs and Positions

I am cognizant.

The Organizational Cognizance Model Facilitation Tool – How to Crack Eggs, Pull Teeth, and Make Omelets

Death of the Org Chart Rise of the Organizational Graph – We will take our discussions from day one and learn how to do the facilitations around this all-important tool. Cracking Eggs is how we discover all of the Thinking Positions your Leaders need to be accountable for. We will use a real-life, interactive example that you will participate in. Hard work, deep thinking, but fun.

The Organizational Cognizance Model Facilitation Tool – Flower Power

We will practice and actually do a couple of Flower Power exercises to prepare ourselves to facilitate our “Doing” positions. You will be prepared to use this tool when you get back into the office.

Bringing it all together

Are you taking the Red Pill?

Event Details

Start date: August 24, 2020

End date: August 25, 2020

Start time: 08:00 EST

End time: 16:00 EST

Venue: Livecast via Zoom